Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to Spookville Elementary School

Volume Two of Spook Central Elementary is in the works. Keep an eye out in the future for Spook Central: Mythology; a new series teaching children about mythology.

Greetings and well met. Welcome to the new home for our soon to be published Children's book series, "Spook Central Elementary."

Spook Central Elementary is an ongoing picture book series following the day-to-day events of twelve students who attend Ms. Lenore Lanchester's home room at Spookville Elementary School. Affectionately called 'Spook Central Elementary.. by the students.
The school is unlike any other. This is because both the student body and faculty are monsters: zombies, Were-wolves, ghosts, vampires, and many more. With the exception of one student that is, Gwen Reaper

Gwen, the daughter of the Grim Reaper and his human wife, has become the newest human exchange student to attend Spookville Elementary in over a hundred years. Gwen shares a class with her fellow students: the were-wolf T.J. Talbot, a witch named Megan Miller, the Gorgon Rebecca, a Cyclops girl named Tiffany, a mummy named Ramses, a creature from the black lagoon named Gil Chapman, a vampire named Vincent Vladimir Lugosi, the invisible boy named Hubert Grayson Rains, twins Mary Kathryn and Alicia Shelley Karloff with their brother Frankie. All of whom are overseen by Principle Price.

Over the next few years they will create new friendships and share moments in their lives with one another; but most importantly, they will learn from their experiences at Spookville Central Elementary.
Each picture book will be twenty four pages in length, told in the first person point of view. Each book will have one of the twelve characters be the main character of the story, with Principal Price's tale being the thirteenth story book. I expect to have all the books published within a year's time, with the last and fourteenth being a collector's edition Year Book containing new additional content.

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Spook Central Elementary, Megan Miller, Rebecca Mandrak and all other related things, names and places are are ©2008 by Timothy Alan Tilley R.S Wallace.